Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Post Bash

Before Otis and I went up to Phoenixville, we both decided and declared that we'd follow a one-word credo.  Otis': steady.  Mine: chillin'.  Mission accomplished.

Random one line bits 'n pieces:

1. Met Buddy Dank for the first time.  Cool cat.
2. Drizz was Drizz and for that, he'll always be an A-lister.
3. Got to spend some good time with Doc Chako and The Wife.  That was very cool.
4. Spacepeople continue to rule in their own quiet, unassuming, yet awesome way.
5. Tuckfards.  Heh. Or should I say eh.  Carson and Donkaaaa are pretty damn cool guys.
6. BamBam and Pebs.  Just classic good people all the way around.  Glad I got to spend time with you guys and thanks once again for the card cap.
7.  CK.  Damn, that girl just goes with the flow and knows how to party.
8.  Katitude, to whom I owe some more time as I feel there's a treasure of depth in her personality that I've simply left unexplored.
9.  Astin and Vinnay - also cool people that I'm glad to have met.
10. The Bracelet.  Get your ass to Charlotte dude.
11.  Bacon Mary and Dawn Summers.  Thanks so much for the ride home Friday night.  Now you two know my least favorite form of currency.
12.  Jordan and his lack of wing-eating prowess.  Guy knows how to shave his head though.  Which is a plus.
13.  Rooster, master of the cockblock.
14.  Al.  Got to semi-mosh with him Saturday night when CrystalRoxx went heavy.  Can't believe he crushes so regularly like he does.  Man or machine?

I'm just going on memory here, but I'd like to thank those of you who managed to get to Denny's for some skillets with me on Saturday.  Pretty sure it was a good meal.


katitude said...

That is very sweet of you to say, but I'm pretty much a WYSIWYG kinda person *grin. But I would LOVE to get some BadBlod time in Vegas!

Wheeee!! Only 2 months!

BamBam said...

The pleasure was very much mine fellow BB. Hope that cap brings some wicked luck your way!

BWoP said...

Yeah, I would make for a very bad salmon.

Good to see you again!

The NL Wife said...

The skillets were awesome . . . you have great taste. You can come to breakfast with me any time. But meeting you was even better!

DrChako said...

Same here. The honor was mine.

See you in Vegas.


Unknown said...

I found out we arm-wrestled, I'll offer a rematch in Vegas.

But you'll still lose :(

See you in two months.