Monday, November 24, 2008

Unleash Carnage

I have a home game scheduled for the Friday after Thanksgiving. Anyone see any issues with this lineup?

1. BadBlood - The host, will have booze
2. G-Rob - The aggro-donk, will drink booze
3. Falstaff - The out-o-towner, will drive many miles
4. Heather - In town, heard there's a game, mainly coming to see the gun show
5. F-Train - 33rd best Razz player on the planet, coming to G-Vegas for the first time
6. CK - Black Widow of Poker, rumored to enjoy skillets at Denny's
7. Special K - Also known as Iraqii toilet seat tester
8. Craig Cunningham - Received approval to donate
9. Big Pirate - Last, but not least, of a table full of bloggers

I have several buy-ins, someone's getting an early Xmas present.


Easycure said...

So Otis is providing bartending and the sedentary localized groinal entertainment? That's the only thing missing!

Otis said...

Yeah, I see something missing.

It's going to be 483 miles south by southwest of G-Vegas.




BWoP said...

If I go busto early, can I serve up skillets in lieu of cash?

John G. Hartness said...

Sick lineup. If I saw that bunch sitting around the same table in a casino, I'd look for safer waters. Instead, I'm driving 90 minutes just to be there. Sick, I tell you.

Special K said...

If I'm going to be stuck with the moniker, at least we should explain the origin:

Also related:

F-Train said...

The only problem with the lineup? I don't see the Procedure scheduled.