Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where Did I Go Wrong?

My son asked me to download some songs for his iPod. These are his choices:

So What - Pink
Hot and Cold - Katy Perry
I kissed A Girl - Katy Perry
Womanizer - Brittney Spears
Dangerous - Akon
What You Got - Akon
Walk This Way - Aerosmith
If I Were A Boy - Beyonce
Fergalicious - Fergie
Barracuda - Fergie
Ayer - Flo Rida
Low - Flo Rida
Gotta Be Somebody - Nickleback
Ruby - The Kaiser Chiefs

Straight diet of thrash for the boy coming right up.


Anonymous said...

So how long is he grounded?

Otis said...

I'll admit, my kid sings Low and So What. I let him by with it, because I think it's funny to hear him talk about the "boots wit da burrs (sic)."

As far as So What goes, I rack it up to him thinking Pink is hot, which is fine.

Fortunately, he loves to rock out to Live Wire by Crue. So, right on.

Pokerwolf said...

The boy is expanding his musical tastes, that's all. Until you hear, "God, that stuff sucks" I wouldn't worry about it.

Pauly said...

Well, at least there was one Aerosmith song on there.

Anonymous said...

I think you might have taken a wrong turn...somewhere around 2002 most likely? But, I guess it could be worse, so GL.

Unknown said...

Thrash metal, like coffee, beer and roasted chicken, requires a certain amount of acquired taste. When you're 11, you think chicken nuggets with fries are the greatest thing in the world. And they're still not bad, but you realize, later, just how great roasted chicken and new potatoes are. Thrash isn't sugary or fried like "I Kissed A Girl," so he's not going to like it as much right now. Let him develop. He'll get there.

Student of Life said...

My boy in the car with my family Thanksgiving weekend:

"This is Pink!!! Pink is the awesomest! She wrocks. We're all gonna get in a fiiiiight!!!!"

StB said...

You need to give him a steady diet of Steel Panther. When he is older that is.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

I'm surprised that the rockers still give you some street cred raising a kid on that stuff. Maybe he is going through the rebel stage against Dad already...have fun in the years to come.