Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Rock Says Know Your Role

My role in life is to host poker games for special out of town guests. I'm OK with that. I enjoy it. Hopefully those who come from such long distances enjoy themselves. Drizz, CK, F-Train, Heather, you name 'em.

This Friday we have another guest. You may know him as Absinthe. You may know him as Ryan from the Murderers Row game. Or you may know him as the man who busted Jesus:

We will have 9 players on Friday:

TheTyle (In yet another astounding spurt of creativity, I've given that nickname to someone whose last name is Tyler. Yo estoy EN FUEGO!)
Lee Jones
Frank the Tank
Brian the Red

By my decree, this shall heretofore be known as "something to look forward to."


Unknown said...

That table would be extremely fun. Not profitable for me, but fun.

BWoP said...

Can I go all in from Vegas?

BadBlood said...

BWoP, yes, we'll call you when we get to Pynizzle.

Heather said...

I always enjoy my time at the Blood's house! Youa re the host with the most! ;)