Monday, February 16, 2009

Metal Monday Volume 3

Not much pokery stuff to write about, so I'll fall back on my other habit that will never die.

I have a couple of recommendations that may be relatively obscure to most mainstream metal listeners. Each of them are heavily influenced by other bands that are far more established.

First up is a band I like to call mini-Slayer. They've been dubbed heirs to the Thrash Throne by Slayer themselves, here's Demiricous with To Serve Is To Destroy (the intro riff is my default ring tone):

Then comes a Killswitch Engage-esque band out of Australia, produced by Killswitch's own Adam Dutkiewicz. You'll hear some familiarity in the guitar tone and there's a pretty decent killer riff mid-way through the song. Boneywards by Parkway Drive:

Finally, as many of you have pointed out, the music is OK, but you can't stand the vocals. I can understand that, it's an acquired taste. As such, here's an In Flames cover guitarist doing Pinball Map with electronic drums and bass. The video is great because he harmonizes with himself in minor-thirds in many spots. If you don't groove to this, you are probably busy with your acoustic. :)


StB said...

Yep. Just can't get past the vocals. Can anyone of these guys sing like say a Bruce Dickenson, Joey Belladonna, or Michael Starr?

Mike said...


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BamBam said...

You already know I'm with the Milwaukee's Beast. I mean, the killer lyrics, really great musically and then.......

But very thankful that you continue to introduce me to new and exciting stuff everytime.

I <3 Metal Monday's.


Cory Albertson said...

Hey BadBlood,

Might as well this Blog Comment Solicitation #2 for this post. :-D

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Thanks and all the best,


TheTrooper97 said...

God, rip it up. That
In Flames song goes back to releases previous to those which I have. I love it. Listening to it now on