Monday, May 25, 2009

Late Sunday is Still Early Monday

First off, much thanks again to the folks over at Pokerlistings for allowing me to play in the Run Good Challenge. This week, there were 25 entrants vying for 2, count 'em, 2 seats to a $1500 WSOP event. Congrats to the TripleJax and Matt Showell for their wins.

Played some live poker on Thursday at what I affectionately call The Donkey Game. Man, all I can say is that this week, it was LOUD. So much so that I had trouble concentrating and when I dropped my first buy-in, I called it quits. Friday night at Falstaff's, however, made up for it. I always enjoy riding up there to play. Win or lose, the gang up there is simply so likable that the poker is at times inconsequential.

Saturday night was low key. The wife was out for a belated birthday dinner and I was stuck with the kids. And by stuck, I mean taking them to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then buying the Metallica Guitar Hero and World Tour drum kit. Having my kids wake up on Sunday to say that "Sad But True" is their favorite song is a nice feeling. It was only eclipsed by Sunday's dinner when miniBlood said, "Dad, I think I like Seek and Destroy better." As Al would say, Old Shit > New Shit.

So, in the spirit of Metal Mondays, I leave you with these two links. Listening to XM's Liquid Metal is great, especially when I hear about new bands I'd not heard of before. I believe the following band is from Denmark. Somewhere I saw a link calling them Elvis Metal. Works for me. Get yer groove on with Volbeat:

Then, throw the horns, Hallelujah Goat!


Big D said...

Thanks for the song links. The kids sound cute :)

joxum said...

that is indeed danish music at it's best!


Wes said...

Seek and Destroy>almost anything

My 6 yo entertained my brother on our camping trip this weekend by singing Running Free as a bedtime song.

StB said...

I thought you had sworn off all things Metallica.

John (Rakeback dealer) said...

Nice to find another poker player with similar music interests. Post more links!