Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Masters of the Craft

I read the 3rd paragraph of this post and felt like I have more work to do here.

Thrash. It started in the Bay Area with the likes of Metallica, Exodus, Overkill, Slayer. Since then, metal's evolved into other various, yet seemingly similar forms. Today's new wave, which includes the Lamb of God's, the Shadows Fall's, even the Killswitch Engage's, owe their roots to the original masters. Even the Extreme and Death metal varieties can't say they weren't influenced by Thrash's early years.

(I'm convinced that Cliff Burton's spirit helped form the Gothenburg Sound when he tragically passed in Sweden.)

Today, some bands keep Thrash alive. Here's one. Lazarus A.D. The ingredients may be the same, but they're mixed rather perfectly.


PokerCandace said...

I just wanted to comment on how impressed I was last night when you folded pocket Qs. Also, good call with the J9, although it did make me feel the need to leave rather abruptly. :-)
See you next time!

BadBlood said...

I thought you had a T only, and thought my J was another 3 outs, giving me 11 twice with the pot odds. I'm sure you'll get it back. :)

Good to see you there too.

StB said...

No mention of East Coast thrash? Not like Anthrax hasn't been an influence.