Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Steel Foot Memories - # 91

Here's an endeavor that will likely go nowhere; like Lamb of God's latest, this is Set to Fail. However, you can't fault a man for trying.


Something To Look Forward To. STLFT. Steel Foot. There are exactly 13 weeks between now and the WPBT Vegas trip. It's the 5th anniversary of the first time we got together back in December of '04. In an attempt to bring some level of anticipation to this forthcoming trip, I will post a quick memory of Vegas trips past on a daily basis. That's the setup. The payoff will be commensurate with your investment....


"Not long after I see Otis and what I originally thought was one of his Missouri posse hanging out on the rail. Oddly, this other guy seemed to be staring at me in a way that made me slightly uncomfortable. He was staring with this wry smile and at first I thought he was sizing me up so he could kick my ass later. Being on the friendly side, after I folded a hand, I went to introduce myself. I asked Otis if this was a friend of his. Otis replied, “I just met him.” Odd. Nonetheless, I introduced myself and he mentioned something about being a fan of my blog. Even more odd. My blog’s not really anything to write home about, unless you like heavy metal and strippers.

So I went back to my seat and again watched as this person stared at me. Finally, after a couple more minutes, this guy mouths the words, “I’m Iggy.” Ok, now my pants weren’t dry, for I shat them. The man, the myth, the non-dwarf??? I cashed out and immediately went with Iggy and Otis to the Sherwood Forest for drinking and drinking and more drinking."


Otis said...

Man, I loved that moment.

Otis said...

Oh, and for what it's worth, the "I just met him wasn't a lie." I'd literally met the guy face-to-face just a few hours before. To think that since then he has slept in my house in G-Vegas and on my floor in Tunica, MS.

Life is funny.

DrChako said...

My first memory of Iggy was when he came up and introduced himself.

"Hi, Dr. Chako. I'm Grubby."


BWoP said...

That's funny, Doc. The exact same thing happened to me. Luckily I knew that Grubby is Asian. Then I proceeded to beat that little midget at roshambo.

BamBam said...

Yeah.... I can see where I could put up with a whole bunch of posts like this one!