Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gadget Junkie

I love electronic toys. Without question. If it's cool and I can afford it, I want it. I can't explain it so I won't try. As of this writing, I'm in sort of a conundrum. I'm hoping my tech-savvy readers can guide me.

Statements of fact:
I oh so dearly want an iPhone. I covet my neighbor's phone.
I am currently on the Verizon network.
My entire family is on the Verizon network.
I get a 22% discount.....on the Verizon network.
My current phone is a Blackberry Curve.
My contract ends in June of 2010.

Options available to me:
1. Wait until June of 2010. Switch over to AT&T, leaving my family with Verizon. Get the latest, coolest available iPhone. Wipe drool off the box before I open it and make sexy time with it.

2. Go to the local Verizon store. TODAY. Purchase a Motorola Droid phone. Play with it. Understand it's still a cool toy. Stay on Verizon. Manage my conflicting emotions of the pleasure of buying a new toy and the lustful yearning of two more years without an iPhone.


Oh wait. There's option 3. Perform option 1 TODAY and pay early termination fee at Verizon. Because I am a lustful, non-logical individual addicted to tech toys. Now. Must have. Now.


SirFWALGMan said...

Can't you jailbreak a iPhone and use it on another network? Or is that only outside the US?

joxum said...

I don't it. What's so great about an iphone? I have had plenty of opportunity to play with one, but for the life of me, I could never see myself owing one.

I got an HTC Hero the other day. it's an Android, and really - it's much more interesting, if you ask me!


Mr. Pants said...

An iPhone can be unlocked (not necessarily jailbroken) to work on other carriers. The only other carrier that I know of that works in the US (from experience) is T-Mobile. Due to the differences in cell networks, an iPhone can't be unlocked and used on Verizon (and Sprint either, I think).

There is a rumor that iPhones will work on Verizon next year, though. More info here:


Turning Heel said...


I'm not 100% sure if this is still an option, but I believe you can put your Verizon phone on "Standby" for $5/mo. Considering the termination fee is something like a one-time payment, half a year at $5 a month is probably your best option (athough the Droid does look real cool).

Turning Heel said...

* A $175 payment

Unknown said...

Most people I know really hate AT&T and lust after Verizon's coverage. But many of the people I know also visit the mountains and like the coverage there. Maybe in the city coverage wouldn't ever be an issue. It's still something to think about, I think.

doubleas said...

there are plenty of rumors for Verizon getting the iPhone in 2010...then again from your option 3, that'll probably be a no-go for you. Google "iphone for verizon" or something similar.

Jon Biedermann said...

I'm in the same boat. I have friends that have the iPhone, and it's great, unless you want to use it as a phone and/or surf.

Therein lies the problem.

Since I talk and use the web more and use a separate iPod, the Verizon network coverage is simply more valuable.

As for me, I'm torn between the Storm II (great reviews but still new), and the new droid.

I'm going with the Storm II- International coverage is also very important to me and Blackberry's absolutely rock- they just work every time and all the time.

JP from Philly

The Bracelet said...

BG just got a droid and I've got an iPhone. I wouldn't go to a blackberry if it was free and on the world's best network. I would, however, think I'd be happy if my only realistic option was a droid.

I'd weigh network (ATT does noticeably suck) and apps (iphone is far ahead of the game) and cost/contract issues you have to deal with and figure out which way it falls. I can't imagine you'd be disappointed in either.

gurgey said...

I've got the iPhone 3G, and it was a breeze to get it jailbroken and unlocked.
Just search for iphone dev blog, and you should stumble right into the right arms.

It really isn't difficult to do.


PS.: I love my iPhone. Best toy evar.

Jordan said...

I had a similar issue, so I ended up buying the iTouch. As long as I have Wifi nearby, I can still get on the net, download programs, etc. Most of the apps work too, except for the ones that require an internet connection, which only work when there is Wifi around.

Even with that limitation, it's awesome. Since I have Wifi at home and at the office, and it is popping up for free in more and more places, I still get tons of use out of the iTouch. It's my primary music/video player and I just use my dinky Verizon cell phone for calls. I hear the iPhone sucks for calls anyway.

Go with the iTouch.

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WindBreak247 said...

I, too, was foaming at the mouth over the iPhone, and here's what I did...

I ported my number to AT&T, where THEY PAID MY EARLY TERMINATION FEE because I was switching networks. Once all ported, I called Verizon and had my wife's line switched to the primary one but account still in my name to maintain my discount. You could give this a shot. Just act all "oh I don't know if its worth paying the ETF, Verizon's network is so good". Plus, it helps that you'll be getting an expensive iPhone plan w/data required. I just flat out asked if they'd be willing to pay my ETF, and they pretty much didn't even blink at the thought.

That said, while I don't regret my decision one bit because the iPhone is everything its cracked up to be (though don't let yourself get too far from a charger), the AT&T network complaints are the real deal, and you may wanna hang in for a while and see if the iPhone to Verizon thing pans out. Then you just plain win.

Also, maybe you already have, but you might want to check and see if you can get an AT&T discount through whomever (work?) is providing your Verizon discount. The AT&T discount is actually better because they discount the phone, data, and text plans whereas Verizon only discounts the primary phone plan.

I dunno what you think about your Blackberry, but have you considered the Storm 2? I just haven't heard good things about the Droid if you can't go iPhone.

Finally, if you do decide to switch, I can get you in the AT&T Referral program and get you a $25 Gift Card. Just find me @ my blog & email me for that or any other questions.