Monday, November 02, 2009

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

I'm a pretty big sports fan. Not all sports mind you, but enough of them such that most of my live TV viewing is dominated by athletic competition. Since I was born and bred in the North Shore area of Massachusetts, you can imagine where my allegiances lie. Moreso than anything, I've been a diehard Red Sox fan since 1976 when my parents took me to my first game at Fenway. I remember asking why everyone cheered so hard for that Yaz guy.

Beginning in 2001, I became a very spoiled sports fan. The Patriots won 3 Superbowls, the Sox won 2 World Series and even the Celtics grabbed another NBA championship. (I actually used to be a huge hockey fan and would live and die with each Bruins season. Go Terry O'Reilly!) One thing that all those championships taught me was how to appreciate being a fan. Not just a fan of the teams, but a fan of the game, of the competition.

A bunch of my blogging friends are huge fans of particular teams, and I'll be honest, I start rooting for them to experience the same feelings I had when my favorite teams won.

AlCantHang's a huge Phillies and Eagles fan, so when they're successful, I'm happy for him.
Drizz is a huge Vikings fan. It's hard not to hope the Vikings eventually nab a Superbowl victory.
My friend Randy at work is a huge Peyton Manning fan. As a Pats fan, you think I could root for the Colts? I do actually, only if the Pats have been eliminated though. It's hard not to respect Peyton Manning and his accomplishments.
MeanGene - huge Steelers fan, along with my buddy TheAxeman. Am I glad they got to see a couple of Superbowl victories in their lifetimes? Absolutely.
G-Rob and Kentucky basketball. As long as they're not playing Cornell, I can root for them. So that would mean always.
Joe Speaker and the A's? I know he can't stand the Sox, but even I can respect the A's for competing the way they have for years in the Moneyball era.
StB and the Cowboys...I could go on and on.

Anyway, without being too holier than thou, one of the things I hope for is that people can root for their teams without hating on other teams and their fans. Hatred is obviously too strong a word, but is it a requirement that to be a fan of one team, you must hate all others? I understand rivalries have their places in sports, how could I not being from Boston? Again, perhaps I'm spoiled from the success my teams have had, but even I can recognize and respect when the teams and players I'm supposed to hate succeed.

Just curious what everyone else thinks? Maybe that's part of the enjoyment of sports that flies over my head. Only one team can hoist the trophy each year and I do know that misery loves company.


SirFWALGMan said...

Feel the hate baby!!!

BWoP said...

We're all a bunch of kids in a sandbox. We show how much we care by bashing each others' favorite sports teams :-)

Unknown said...

I second CK's words. Its all in good fun and its the Boston super rubes and bandwagoners that make them "hated".

Case in point went to Target before the big GB/MIN game:

Favre jerseys: 14
Other Vikes jerseys: 7 (4 of them worn by my family)

BamBam said...

It's a lot of fun to razz a buddy and CK's totally correct.

So are you in fact.

Case in point, the World Series is of no interest to me. As the striking players and constant barrage of mistakes leading to most wins rather than spectacular plays doing so, it just constantly leaves me wanting as I watch.

When Peb's asks why I watch at all, the answer is simple.

Because RIGGS and Al must be going crazy right now!

StB said...

I think a lot of it depends on how you think others view your team. Being a Cowboys fan, I don't expect people to like them but I wish they would respect their accomplishments. I can do that with any team. Except the Redskins. I wish the stadium would collapse on them during a practicse session killing everyone associated with the team.

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Gambling Wordpress Themes said...

Yeah! I too root for our home team!

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