Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stack and a Story

This is my favorite stack of all time. I'll try to explain.

The chip denominations are $25, $10, $5, and $1 from left to right. I also had some bills as you can see. This poker night was a night like no other and will most likely never be reproduced for as long as I play.

Early on, I lost my first buy-in of $300 with KK to AA on a 9-high flop. Semi-cooler, but it happens. The guy playing AA never re-raised me until it was too late for me to fold. I re-bought for $600 and from then on never lost a showdown.

We've had big stacks at Gucci Rick's before. But the pic you see before you represents the biggest stack and biggest profit of all time. Yeah, I'm going all Barry Horowitz and patting myself on the back. But I really didn't play all that great, I just hit a run of cards that was truly amazing.

At one point in the night, I had $4000 in front of me. For a $1/$2 game, that's pretty redonkulous. There is really no better feeling in the poker world - a huge stack, an unbreakable confidence, and the knowledge that everyone at the table is envious of your chips.


Fuel55 said...

Did you calculate your winrate in BB/100?

lightning36 said...

I think I just came in my pants ...

What a great session!

White Chip Armbruster said...

if you brighten the picture you can see a scowl on grumpy rick's face.

Anonymous said...

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StB said...

Love the Barry Horowitz reference!

baglife said...

Congrats, awesome session. Keep up the good work.

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