Friday, December 04, 2009


Are there any readers out there who have signed up for the Full Tilt security token? If so, care to share your experiences? I have one for my work VPN, so I'm aware of how they work and what they do. I'm just looking for anyone's experience with ordering and activating it.

There are two options - physical token, and software-based token that will run on your phone.

Thanks in advance.


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Anonymous said...


I got the security code key for my phone. I am a complete computer moron (read a mac user) and I was able to download the program to my phone, get it registered, setup, and working on my FTP account within 5 minutes.

Adding yet another piece of hardware to keep track of seems unnecessary so I prefer and recommend the phone app. Maybe for you that is not a problem. Other than my account being insta-doom switched upon activation, I really like this security feature.