Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's Day Tourney Pic Dump

With apologies to Pauly and the term "pic dump," here are a few taken after I was unceremoniously eliminated.

MrsBlood trying to get a read on the uni-GRob-bomber.

Brian the Red - a Charlotte regular.

TheMark - with my chips. Bastard! The Gooch looks on in the foreground.

Jim the Knife massaging his chip stack.

Another side view of TheMark, smiling, with BadBlood's chips.

Alan Shaw and new guy John Teer.

The always jovial Falstaff, a staple at the BadBlood poker table.

Losers Lounge - Wolverine and Frank the Tank

The Rankster (left) and The Rocket (center), guys from the old Thursday night game.

Good ole Shep, Falstaff and Alan Shaw.

Special K knee deep in the action.

Your eventual winner acting camera shy. It's not like he's on TV or anything.

Random101, Tressa, and Jim the Knife.

Special K looking mean.

The Gooch, MrsTheMark, and Papa Skoon from front to back.

Danny smiling, even though he's just been eliminated with....

KK vs. AA.....

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