Friday, February 05, 2010

Running Update

I will be crushing G-Rob in our bet. Just an FYI. With that said, I will be posting songs from my "Master Run" playlist. I have 52:30 of music on a playlist all set for my run. I promised PokerPeaker I'd get him my list and eventually I will get those .mp3's to you. In the meantime, this song is on the list.

No, I've not gone soft. Yes, there are keyboards in this song and you can actually understand the vocals. I'll fix that in the next few songs, but in the meantime, grab some Gus G. magic.

Oh yeah - hot chick helps out singing too (Tara Teresa).


Wes said...

Its Greek to me.

Unknown said...

I'm a Firewind fan, but we both know I like weak Metal :)

Hellblood said...

Hey thats cool, I just ordered it at amazon!

Ben said...
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