Monday, March 08, 2010

Mastodon / Metal

Let me just say Mastodon Weekend was a resounding success. From Thursday's 5-star dinner at Rick Erwins, to Friday's poker marathon at Azia's, to Saturday's Trivia Contest / Bar Crawl, not a whole helluva lot could have gone any better.

Shout out to the folks who added to the prize pool and paid for the food. Jeff and Nikki - we both know who the poker player among you guys is. :)

(Also - special thanks to the experts who helped my wife's uber-drunk friend into our minivan. All was well by Sunday. Except for the smell...)

I have tons of video to post and hopefully I can put it all together somewhat coherently. In the meantime, I leave you with a Metal Monday video and a snippet from the bar crawl.

This band could easily remind you of some old Pantera. Check out Throwdown's This Continuum:

And lastly, just to show you all how low-brow our humor is at Mastodon, I call this next snippet "Gastodon:"


BamBam said...

Thanks for hosting Blood! The G-Vegas crowd, seriously knows how to do it up right.

Unknown said...

I like the video because the one guy wins at poker and then gets laid. The other guy loses and then, I think, kills his girlfriend.

So, to review:

Win at poker = Sex
Lose at poker = Dead girlfriend

edgie212 said...

I gotta say that I'm fascinated by the blogger weekend that is Mastodon...I'm even MORE fascinated by the fact that although I live in NYC, I grew up right down the road in A-Vegas(Anderson) and never knew there was such a lively poker community there. When I visit for holidays I will have to hit you up!

Ben said...
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Unknown said...

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Ailsa Elberta said...

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play uk bingo said...

fatality... that's all I can say :)) how i wish i was there. well, i won't thank you for posting that video, it'll just make me more envious! lol. just kidding, great vid!