Thursday, April 08, 2010


Prior to Mastodon Weekend, TheMark told me that he had a poker apparel company lined up to contribute towards our evening of poker at Azia's. Well, that company came through in a big way for us, providing additional prize pool mobney's, footing much of the bill for the food and giving out "Bustout" bounties for anyone who eliminated either Jeff or his wife Nikki from the tournament.

In return, all they wanted was some linkage and promotion. In my opinion, that's a +EV transaction. So give Bustout Poker a look-see, they've launched their official site and are offering a WSOP Main Event package giveaway to those who purchase some of their premium shirts.

Here's a shot (stolen shamelessly from Doc Chako) of me in their Suicide Kings jersey after eliminating Nikki from the tournament.

Excuse the flexing and Bobby Bracelet's indifference to my posedown.

Since Jeff is a fellow metalhead, and I'm sure that we can both appreciate some old-school Testament. Here's a bonus metal clip of one of my favorite Skolnick solo's performed live at Alcatraz. Solo hits about 0:45 into the clip. Prrrrrrreeeeeeachhhhh!


Special K said...

One of your better clips. Preach it, brother.

DrChako said...

Thanks for the props. Great solo. I can hear Eddie VanHalen in there.


The Bracelet said...

What you miss by only seeing that moment is how nanoseconds later the shockwave that accompanied the flexing of your biceps slammed my head into the poker table.

The good news is that it left me unscathed and, I know this sounds improbable, but I'm even better looking now because of it. I know, I didn't think that was possible either, but I am.

Also, congratulations on successfully slipping a picture of yourself flexing onto the web under the guise of showing off the t-shirt.

Level 11, my friend.

uk bingo online said...

great post as well as lead solo. hey man, do you know when is the next pokerstar's blogger tournament this year. I know the first one passed and yes, I've unfortunately missed it. though I'm hoping to sign up for the next one. many thanks!

Anonymous said...
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