Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Off To The Races

For those interested, a quick update.

Leaving Wednesday to Vegas to play in the WSOP Event #20, $1500 PLO. Some folks were gracious enough to offer me stakes, and I've enabled a Twitter feed in the upper left so that I can post updates for them to follow the action.

Thanks to TheMark and his degenerate ways, for allowing me to crash with him at the Rio for this trip.

This is my first event and like I told Otis in a recent email, I'm treating it just like my race. Focus, have a good time, do my best. And whatever happens after that, happens.



BLAARGH! said...

Good luck BB, try not to come back with any more henna tats.

On second thought...

lightning36 said...

Best o' luck.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Gooooooooo Blood! Is this your first WSOP event ever? If so, double GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!

Try not to be nervous. I didn't think I was at all in my first WSOP, until I was back in my room and I think I exhaled for the first time in about four hours.

Keep us updated on your progress!

BWoP said...

Last longer?

BamBam said...

You GO fellow BB!

ibloggolf.com said...

There will be a time when you need some luck, hope you have a card up your sleeve.