Friday, October 22, 2010

Full Tilt on my Droid

Well this is guaranteed trouble. Because it works.

I was perusing the 2+2 forums, specifically the Internet Poker subforum when I noticed a thread entitled "Beta Testing Rush Poker Mobile." Being the cutting edge guy that I am, I followed the instructions to contact FTPSean via personal message and give him the required information so I could participate in the testing.

My Motorola Droid 1 wasn't on the list of supported phones; however, I had the 2.2 Froyo update with the Flash 10.1 software installed. My guess is that the early Droid I had may not be fast enough CPU-wise to contend with the Flash software requirements. Still, I figured I'd try.

And like I said, it works.

I logged on and was brought to the lobby of Real Money Rush tables. I opened a table and away I went. To be fair, the interface seems decent and intuitive. However, I was playing over the Verizon 3G network, not WiFi, so I did time out a couple of times, perhaps in the neighborhood of 5% of the hands. Once you get used to the bet slider however, you can reduce the time it takes to make the proper bet size and my time outs reduced in frequency.

Would I play for serious money on my phone at this point in time? Probably not. But will I grab a few hands at lunch at work every now and then? Probably. OK, definitely. OK, every day. Alright, even in the bathroom, and maybe while driving, JESUS I'M ADDICTED!!!!111!!!one!!one!!!

Well, you get the point. The software is in Beta right now and I'd say based on its initial implementation, Full Tilt is going to have another winner on its hands with this. All kneel to the rake machine and submit to its control.

30 hands and 0.44 buy-ins. SHIP IT!!!


TripJax said...

Come on iPhone. Get with the program. I wan't some Rush Poker on my phone...

Unknown said...

"The report will be forwarded once I float-raise this guy on the turn".

on_thg said...

1. Upgrade phone
2. Multitable Rush PLO
3. ???

DrChako said...

No good can come from this. I'm buying stock in the company that sells Preparation H.