Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New, Old, Live

New. The Absence. Tampa via Gothenburg - can you hear the Whoracle-era In Flames in there a bit? I can.

Old. The genius of Devin Townsend coupled with the Atomic Clock Gene Hoglan. Best Love? song ever. There is no external way to tell when a woman is ready to receive.

Live. Arch Enemy. Blood On Your Hands. Sick live vocals if you're into the genre and perhaps one of the tightest live bands too. One day, I'll travel to Japan, get plastered and go to a metal show.


BamBam said...

With my M.O. being to search out "other world" rock 'n' roll, I give her all the credit in the world for doing what it is she does. I'd still kill for a little less growl in the vocals though. :)

Deep down inside, I always knew tha Ang would make her way into your world. How could she not with her one hit wonder from Asmodina being called "Blood?"


That hook in the Absence ditty from 3:54 ~ 4:30 or so, might just be the best new sounds in my ears for a few years or so. Still listening to it and probably will be, for quite a long while to come!

Thanx for that!

Unknown said...

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