Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Running to Metal

I signed up for the Las Vegas Half Marathon on December 4th. It's a Sunday, the race is at night and it goes down the Strip. Pretty cool. Joining me will be G-Rob, Otis, Dr. Chako and Poker Peaker. It will be kick ass. Not unlike the new metal I got to download due to me signing up. It is after all, a Rock 'n Roll marathon.

My 5 free downloads were:

This riff seriously destroys:

This was Slayer's opening at Big 4:

Cool opening riff, cool video if not a little campy:

Another big 4 tune:

New In Flames coming soon:

And. And! Bonus song for the folks who need to understand the vocals. Do you hear any Blue Oyster Cult in here? I kind of do.


DrChako said...

Kick ass.


PS. I'm down 10 pounds from the Mudrun. Should have done this prior...

April said...

Guess I'll schedule the tournament for the 3rd then! :)

Ewan Adams said...

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