Sunday, April 25, 2004

My Sets Are No Good

I know it's all variance, but I sure as hell hate it when my QQ and KK both flop sets with a broadway straight draw. Sure enough, it gets hit on the river.

The most annoying one came today at a 5/10 table of all places. Had KK, flopped AKx. Just kept betting. Turn was a Q. Warning signals started to flash, but I ignored them. River was a J. Knowing I was fully screwed at this point, I still called the $10 bet just so I could see the bozo's 10,3 diamonds. Gotta love that runner, runner shit.

Still up for the weekend which is good. Made a couple of more cashouts and my debt to mankind and Party Poker has dwindled to under $600. I feel pretty good about that for sure considering I started March at -$2100. Just got to keep on truckin'.

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