Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Time For a Little Break

Well, when you play with fire.....

Lost my bankroll last night on what was supposed to be simply a 20 minute session at the 5/10 tables. I was due for this, no question about it, as I had been risking an under-funded bankroll at this table knowing full well what could happen.

I'm chalking it up to a lack of patience as the grinding process had grown thin the past week or so. But I really hadn't taken a break for a while, so now is certainly as good a time as any.

You know, there's nothing like the feeling of your testicles retreating back into your body cavity after you've flopped the nut full house holding KK and an A comes up giving someone else the better full house. Nothing like it. I knew I was in big trouble after that. Hello Mr. Tilt.

So my current status is -$1000, still a nice comeback from -$2100. But now it's time to take a break, and reload and head back to the tables at which I'll be properly funded.

Also, my parents will be visiting on Thursday so I'll probably be busy all weekend and Party Poker will take a back seat to real life for a brief moment.

Good luck to the rest of you all during my small hiatus. I'll post anything moderately interesting since I'll be doing some poker-related reading to brush up a bit on my deteriorating skills.

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