Monday, May 17, 2004

Pacific Playing

Note: I edited this post to reflect that I was playing Pacific, not Paradise. Doh!

After the WBT was over, I decided to test the waters at Pacific a bit with some limited bankroll. I dove right in to the 5/10 tables and won about $140 right away. I cashed out, and then requested a cash out of my original $100 investment and another $100 profit. This left about $60 in there to mess around with should there be another WBT on Paradise.

So I figured I'd play in some tourneys there and see what they are like.

Holy Fish Tank Batman!

Granted, it's only 2 tournaments, but I'm 2 for 2 in first place finishes. My plan is to play ring games at Party and tourneys at Pacific. What the hell. With all the great cards I got in the WBT II, I'm going to run with my luck there and see where it goes.

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