Thursday, May 20, 2004

Pacific vs. Party

Well after playing both sites for a bit this week, I have some observations regarding the two.

I think I like the Party interface better. At least for me, I can see the suits and ranks of the cards better on the table and in my hand.

Also, and more importantly, the cashouts on Party take roughly two days to hit my bank account. I requested a cashout from Pacific on Sunday the 15th. After a few days of seeing its status as "waiting", I did some research.

Looks like their policy is to hold cash out requests for 5 days, during which time you may reverse the request and receive the money back in your account immediately. After the 5 days, if you request a wire transfer as I did, you must then wait up to 7 business days for the transfer to take place.

That's pretty pathetic. Up to 12 days to process a cashout vs. 2 days at Party? Not that I'm cashing out all the time, but when I want my money, I want my money. Right now. Today. Yesterday even.

So if anyone has any Pacific cashout tales to tell, let me know.

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