Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Excitement and Anticipation

Much to my delight, I've just recently been confirmed as the official winner of Pauly's crack the Hilton sisters contest. I'll be receiving an official exclusive Pauly painting as my prize. I will for sure post a picture upon receipt so those of you who came so close can be green with envy :)

Hopefully the painting will be Bad and Bloody.

On the poker front, I've got lots of live game action in the coming few days. Thursday is my regular rendition of the home game where I hope to redeem myself from my debacle last week. Also, on Saturday, Otis has graciously again invited me to another live NLHE tourney witha $50 buy-in. I'll be bringing two of my home game regulars - Teddy Ballgame and the Rankster.

This whole blogging community just rules with these tourney invites and free works of art. I hope to pay back the community somehow in the future. If I ever win the lottery I will definitely pay for everyone's entry and expenses for that year's WSOP. Unfortunately the odds are against it. I'll have to think of something creative instead. Stay tuned.

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