Thursday, July 01, 2004

Some Beat Downs

Not to bore the readers with bad beat stories, but last night's events put a hurt on the old bankroll. Dropped $79 in only about 90 minutes; three hands really stand out as contributing factors to the overall results.

Holding A,A, the flop is A,Q,4 rainbow. The dumbass in me checks thinking slow play all the way. Well I gave away a free card and the turn brought the K. I eventually get all-in to my opponents J,10. These straights are absolutely killing my sets the last week.

Holding K,10 and I limp in to see a 10,10,4 rainbow flop. I'm not slow playing this, so I bet. I'm called. I'm eventually all-in again against 3,5 spades and see runner-runner spade for the loss. Yay.

Last hand of the night and I limp in with 9,10 suited. The flop is the majestic J,Q,K. I don't put anyone on A,10 and I'm right. I'm eventually all in after the turn against someone holding K,J. The river is another J. Joy.

Those three pots were a combined $140+ so to say that I was subject to some variance would be a bit of an understatement.

I logged out after the last loss knowing full well that in the past I'd have continued to throw money away with very bad play in an attempt to make back my losses quickly. After all, $79 isn't really all that much and I hope to regroup again tomorrow in my home game.

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