Sunday, June 13, 2004

So much bluffing, so little cards

I'm aware of the value of bluffing, and yes it hurts when you're bluffed out of a winning hand. But damn! The $25 buy-in no limit games are full of bluffers. For whatever reason, they feel that their big bets should "earn them the pot" so to speak.

I've found out that doing a bit of slow-playing lets me double up more than anything else. Checking a good to great hand in early position is sure to get a bet from someone later down the line. It's almost a certainty. Then when you simply call their bets, they can't let go of their hand and make their bets just a bit bigger each time. Only after you raise them all in do they consider folding, and even then many don't.

The hands that hurt me the most this weekend were of the A's up variety. Two pair may seem decent, especially when it's the top two on the board; but there are those sneaky sets to worry about. I got hurt for a $50 pot with A,10 vs. 99. Oh well, it's not like I hurt someone else with my 66 vs their KK earlier in the day.

I made a little dent in recovering from last weekend's big loss. Not quite back to where I was, but I do have an entire 7 days of winning sessions behind me which is quite nice, six of which are soley on no-limit tables. Makes me kind of wonder why I was playing the limit game earlier.

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