Friday, June 11, 2004

More No Limit Hijinx

I tried to follow up my recent successes at the $25 no-limit tables again last night. I should have guessed that based on my first few hands, it would be difficult to achieve a repeat performance.

It was either the first or second hand, but I'm dealt AK in the small blind. I raise the .50 bet to $2, somewhat of my standard opening raise at these tables. The big blind flat calls and everyone else folds. The flop is K,Q,2 - pretty nice flop if you're holding AK, right? I bet out again $2 and the BB goes all in for about $10. Well I call right away to find he's got Q,10 off suit. Nice, I think to myself, I read him right in having an inferior hand. But wait, in Hold 'Em, you get 5 community cards. The turn brings a 10 and the river brings a Q to cement his full house and I'm down about $15 nearly immediately.

I didn't want to be short-changed at this table so I bought in for $10 more to keep me afloat. I ended up cashing out before dinner with just that $10 so I was down my first initial buy-in of $25.

After dinner I grab another seat and something very similar happens. I've got A,7 in MP and call the .50 big blind. The flop is 4,6,7 and I bet out. I'm check-raised all in for about $10 by the BB and call - again feeling that I've got him out classed. The turn is a rag, but the river is another 6. He shows 3,6 for trips and takes my money. Groan. Not soon after I'm out my second $25 buy-in.

But, let me remind you, I refused to go on tilt or anywhere near it. I managed to successfully shrug off the losses and get back into the game on a still very even keel.

For my third $25 buy-in, I play the same way I've been playing all night and the past few days, simply waiting and picking my spots according to the information at hand. I ended up cashing out that session at $104, more than recouping my prior losses and posting my 4th straight winning day. I'll certainly take it and plan to continue these no-limit tables for the forseeable future.

Thoughts on Party Poker's new features.....

The bad beat jackpot is nice, but because it's only for the 2/4 and 3/6 limit tables, I probably won't see much action there. Also, the quad tens requirement for being a bad beat seems quite steep. I have to admit to playing online for close to one full year and I've never seen a beat like that or one close to it. But it is a nice change and I'm sure someone will hit it and be thankful that it's there.

The new sit n' go multitable tournaments look to be fun. I may have to try one this weekend. My only concerns will be that it will take longer for the tourney to fill up, but that is a minor issue. I'll make my judgements after I participate in a few.

That's all for now. See you at the tables, if you spot me - say hi.

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