Wednesday, June 09, 2004

What Comes Around Goes Around

I saw/played a couple of intriguing hands last night at a $25 NLHE ring game (6 players max).

Player A goes all-in ($12) post flop with A2K on board. I'm holding A9 and sense he's got a weaker kicker just because of the table's tendency to slow play big hands. I'm the only caller. Turn brings another 2 and the river a 5. I was right. He was holding A5. So player A has some of my money and I make a mental note of it.

Later, player A is raising a JJ7 flop like crazy, but also getting re-raised by player B. From my perspective, I have to believe they both have J's. Player A, in my opinion, isn't even considering what player B has, only the fact that he's got trips. Well player A was holding J9 and player B was holding JK. Not only was player A outkicked, but the turn brought a K for the boat for player B. Player A goes home. I haven't yet recouped my money he owes me.

Later on, I'm holding around $50 and a 4,5 is dealt to me. I'm mentally praying for A,2,3 so I can win some cash against someone holding an A. Next best thing: 2,3,6 with 2 spades. I'm holding the nut, but very cautious about the flush draw. I bet a single dollar and am called by the aforementioned player B. The turn is a J, no spade. I bet $2 and again am cold called. The river is a Q, again no spade, leaving me with what I believe us folks call "The Stone Cold Nuts."

I make a pot sized bet of $7. I am re-raised to $20. Wow. I re-check the board to make sure and after confirming my "nut-ness" go all-in. Player B calls. He was holding Q,J. Now I have player A's money via player B. I am happy, leave the table up $88 and begin to like no limit more and more.

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