Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Anti-CJ Hand

So, I'm graciously allowing my mother-in-law access to my laptop so she can check her email from the campground. An HOUR!!!! later, I log on anxiously awaiting the tables at Party Poker.

Compounding the overly long wait for my own laptop is a run of garbage cards that I can't rightfully play. Until I get CJ's favorite, 9,9.

I of course pre-flop raise to $3 and am called by one player. I see a very good flop when you're holding 9's: 3s, 4s, 8d. I bet out $4 and am raised to $20. I call. The turn is a Kd. Other player goes all in and I call. The river is a 7d. Get this....

Other player wins holding Q,10d. Thou art shitting me.

Raising and going all in for a runner-runner draw. Good Lord.

Let me remind you I'm at a recreation center at a camp grounds in North Carolina where the average age is about 60 years old. So I guess it's really no surprise that I get a couple of looks when I yell "You fucking dildo!" and toss my World Champion New England Patriots hat into the ceiling fan.

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