Sunday, July 11, 2004

Premium Hands Getting Destroyed

I've been playing some Sit N' Go's to break up my NL ring game woes, wherein I've tried moving up to the $100 buy-in ranks.

In my 2nd one, I've made the money and am 2nd in chips when I'm dealt the Hiltons. I raise up T300 and the short stack goes all-in. I call to see his AJo. Well, the board is garbage until the A spikes on the river. I don't see another playable hand and am blinded away to 3rd place.

In the 3rd one, it's the 3rd or 4th hand and I'm dealt AA. A K-high flop and I bet the size of the pot, about T250. I get called and decide to push all-in at that point. The other guy shows me KJ and a deadly J spikes on the river for him, eliminating me in 10th.

None of that hurts as much as the 8's I'm dealt in a ring game where the flop makes my set. After all is said and done, the $325 pot goes to my opponent who rivered a 10 for a set over set victory. That one hurt a lot, and as such, my bank roll has taken quite a hit this weekend based nearly on the results of that one single hand.

I'm hoping not to dwell too long on these bad results as I'm still making correct decisions which is all that I can control. But sometimes it hurts, I tell ya, it hurts.

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