Friday, August 20, 2004

All Loaded Up

No, not on liquor like this guy would be. I've just deposited some cash into my Pacific account in preparation for Sunday's WBT 4. I thought it was WBT 3, but I can't count. I wanted to get used to the interface so I signed up for a $16+1.60 20 player tournament to practice. Right now there's only 7 signed up, so we'll see how long it takes.

I've also added some links to bloggers who've left comments. Any visitor who's a blogger, I'll link you up good fashion. Just keep me in line and remind me if necessary.

Sweet, just got up to 10 players signed up. Make that 12.

Allright, gotta get the kids into bed and the wife off to her friend's house. Then when she gets back, me and her husband should be able to go out drinking for a bit, then who know's where.


Tourney update. Runner-runner suck out with a straight killed my top pair. I'm dealt AA and triple up. Then runner-runner suckout on a flush vs top two pair. I'm out in 13th. Me no like Pacific.

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