Saturday, August 21, 2004

You're All a Bunch of Liars

So I'm playing some more $25 NLHE on Party. I'm dealt pocket 9's (Get Smart, CJ) in MP and raise 4x BB to $2.00. I get one caller who's in earlier position. The flop is K,9,x. EP checks as do I. The turn is the case 9. EP bets $2 and I call. The river is a meaningless rag and EP bets out $6. So I figure I'm good for a raise here and bump it to $12. Now EP calls and sees he's beat bad.

This chat ensues:

#865572380: badblood44 wins $28.50 from the main pot with four of a kind, nines.
Phredx2: ouch
badblood44: sorry
Phredx2: had pocket kings
badblood44: no way
Phredx2: that sux
badblood44: so you had the boat?
Phredx2: by default
badblood44: damn
badblood44: we each flopped a set, i had no idea i was behind
badblood44: i'm actually a bit suprised you didn't push all-in after my raise then
badblood44: i probably would have
badblood44: then jumped around throwing things
Phredx2: in retrospect that would have been the right play i wimped out

So now I have to check the hand histories there. No way he only calls with pocket K's to a raise w/K,9,9 on board. There's only 1 hand to be afraid of (mine) and pushing is the right play.

Turns out he had K,8o.

Liars, all of you!

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