Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Mystery Blogger and BadBounty

Ok, now that my guess about who the WBT III mystery blogger would be has proved to be wrong, I'll have to re-guess my guess. Kind of like re-gifting a gift.

Anyway, now that Pauly has claimed he can't make it, perhaps it's this person. If so, that would totally rock. Anybody else care to hazard a guess?


Ok, so here's my bounty for the WBT III (it ain't much):

It's a custom made compilation CD of various songs that you, the readers, can listen to while playing poker. But, it's a CD of songs with a BadBlood slant, i.e. extreme metal. So here is my track listing:

1. Badblood - Pro-Pain (come on, had to have this one)
2. Enemy Within - Arch Enemy (1st song I ever heard with Angela Gassow on vocals)
3. Jotun - In Flames (defines Swedish melodic death metal)
4. Rose of Sharyn - Killswitch Engage (from their newest CD, truly awesome disc)
5. Crowned in Terror - The Crown (lead singer from At the Gates kicks ass on this song)
6. Blood Pigs - Otep (another female lead singer with astounding vocal range)
7. Six Pounder - Children of Bodom (from their newest CD, more Swedish metal mastery)
8. Bloodletting - The Haunted (more blood from more former At the Gates band members)
9. Bled for Days - Static X (borderline metal, but bloody)
10. Blind Bleeding the Blind - Carcass (Michael Amott's pre-Arch Enemy band)
11. Blood Junkie - Lamb of God (new wave of American thrash)
12. Blood Stained - Judas Priest (a classic from the Ripper Owens-led era)
13. Bloodline - Slayer (new-ish Slayer)
14. Post Mortem/Raining Blood - Slayer (ending with classic Slayer)

Few of you will probably like this music, so be sure not to knock me out :)

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