Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Ok bloggers and blogettes, yours truly is officially signed up for the WBT 3 or The Monty Memorial Poker Blogger Tournament. If you've been blogging under a rock, go see the Patron Saint of Poker, St. Ignacious's site for details.

There are some interesting bounties out there on the heads of various bloggers. Otis at Up for Poker has a $50 bounty which would more than cover the $20 buy-in. Otis eliminated me last time right on the bubble when his QQ beat my AQ. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

For those into the firewater, AlCantHang is offering a bottle of SoCo while BoyGenius is offereing up some fine wine. Those would be nice. Iggy is also hinting at a certain blogger who is playing under the radar a bit. My guess is that it's this guy.

I'm trying to think of a cool bounty, but my thoughts are drifting towards offering up an anti-bounty wherein I pay you not to eliminate me. I have a few days to think of something creative.

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