Saturday, August 21, 2004

When Fortune Smiles

Ok, 3 posts in a day, whattup w/dat???

I'm dealt Q2 spades, but click the hand history section of the screen to check a showdown that occurred the previous hand. As I click off the hand history screen, I click back on the table window right where the raise button is. Only problem is that someone had raised the .50 BB to $5. So I just bet $9.50 on Q2 spades. Not good.

So now I gotta go with this. The flop catches me just a bit with a 2, so I bet out $5 hoping for the other guy to fold. He doesn't. Well, the turn is another 2. How freakin' lucky is that? I bet $15 and the guy folds. Absolute total luck. Here's hoping some is left over for tomorrow night.

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