Sunday, August 22, 2004

Pacific Blows

J-curve theory - predicts social revolutionary change to occur when an intolerable gap develops between people's expected satisfaction of needs and their actual satisfaction of needs.

Tonight's highly-anticipated Monty Memorial Poker Blogger Tourney, or WPBT 4, was not to be. You'll read the accounts of the misdeads of Pacific Poker on countless other sites, many of which are linked to the right.

What hurts the most is the fact that most of the participants were so looking forward to this event. People changed their schedules just to participate; and when expectations run high, then are shattered, change takes place.

Look for the next WPBT to take place on an alternate site. I, among many others, cashed out my account on Pacific tonight.

For the record, let me send out thanks to Iggy, as I'm sure he feels awful about the whole matter. As we all know, this was not even remotely his fault. Pacific will rue the day they messed with 50 angry bloggers.

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