Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Work and Softball Rant

Ok, not poker related.

So I'm at work and part of my responsibilities include upkeeping our intranet site that our group uses for informational purposes. Well, two weeks ago, some of the custom javascript functions that were written by my predecessor stopped working. I'm off to investigate.

Luckily, the garbage groupware program we're using, TeamSite, tracks each file's version history and who made changes to it. So, as I suspected, about two weeks ago, some unknown-to-me-doofus had removed a couple of javascript functions. Luckily, he commented within the code that he intentionally removed these "no longer used" pieces of code. Umm...WRONG.

I get on the phone with this guy and do my damnedest (sp?) to be polite and remind him that it is ME, not him, who is responsible for making changes to our web presence. His comment: "Uh, I didn't think anyone was using those functions."

Maroons!!! Idiots!!! I'm dealing with Idiots. Calgone, take me away.

Next stop on our journey of incompetence comes from my company's softball team.

Let me preface this tirade with a bit of background. You see, I'm a pretty good softball player. I don't mean to make like Barry "The Winner" Horowitz and pat myself on the back, but I can hit a softball. Last year, after taking a year off from softball, I joined a team who needed some extra players. Well, I didn't practice nor take BP the entire pre-season and came into Game 1 completely cold.

First live pitch, first swing, BANG - homerun. Not an inside-the-park homerun that gets past the fielders type, but an over the 280 ft. fench shot. Yes, as Triple H would say, "I'm that damn good."

Fast forward to this year when a new coach takes over for a team for which I had played two years. Most of the players on the team know me, but not the coach. Now this "coach" - and I use the term lightly - wants to make sure playing time is even among all the participants. Hmmm, I remember this coaching strategy, back when I was in 4th grade playing Little League.

So now, because I don't go to practices, my playing time is greatly reduced on a team where I'm perhaps the best player. I will even admit that there is one other player who on an overall basis is perhaps better than I. However, nobody is a better hitter.

So I'm batting 8th for the first game. Unfortunately for me, this year it took my second at bat and second live pitch to hit a homerun. My reward: this week I'm batting 7th and only playing a half game. Why? I didn't go to practice on Monday night.

More idiocy! Sure, I probably come across as a prima-donna, even Iverson-like when it comes to practice. But I can't committ to two evenings a week for softball. I have a family and poker to play! So I will NEVER make it to practice, EVER. And that is why this team will go nowhere.

This is the official end of my rant.

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