Friday, September 24, 2004

Change of Pace

Grinder, looking for meat.... - Halford and Co.

Did a little two-tabling of $1/$2 limit on Party last night. Like I had mentioned, I purchased Ed Miller's SSHE book and read about the first 60 pages. For whatever reason, after a bit of reading, my poker playing discipline seems to be at its highest. It's almost like I'd be letting down the authors of whatever book I'm reading if I played poorly and against their recommendations.

I think I played pretty well, but also had some cards to go along with my luck. +74BB total for about a 2.5 hour session.

I had my share of suckouts. I lost KK to 55 with a rivered 5. Happens. I also lost to a 1-outer. Those are rare. I had A,K and a player holding K,K capped the pre-flop betting. With an A on the flop, he was down to his lone remaining K to beat me. Nailed it on the river. I also lost K,K to A,A once but that is always expected at Party, isn't it?

I was told I sucked and was crazy by the other players on the table after playing the following hand:

I'm holding T,T in EP and pre-flop raise it. It's re-raised by MP and it folds all around back to me. I call. The flop is K,J,x and I bet out. MP simply flat calls, which is odd. The turn is an A and I bet out again. MP flat calls again. I'm now putting him on perhaps a smaller pocket pair, perhaps 9's or 8's. The river is a Q and my broadway straight is the nuts so I bet out again. This time MP raises, I re-raise and MP caps. MP shows Q,Q and the vitriol ensues.

After MP was all said and done, I reminded him that he was only flat-calling me w/Q's with a board showing 2 overcards. Considering I pre-flop raised, you'd think perhaps he would have considered he was beat by either the A or K and laid his hand down. He claimed he "knew" I was full of fecal matter. If that were true, why not raise me post-flop or post-turn? I grant that I got lucky, but based on the betting and board, his play was less than stellar. He claimed I was lucky he had to leave or he'd have a lot of fun taking all my money. Yeah right. I love the "tough" talk of these jokers online. Makes me laugh every time.

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