Saturday, September 25, 2004

Runner-Runner Contest #1

Well, the world of limit hold 'em is filled with tales of bad beats and lost hopes. They are unavoidable, at best you can only hope to survive through them and make it back to the world of the sane again with your bankroll intact.

To celebrate BadBlood's return to limit (albeit just temporarily), I am running a kind-of sort-of contest. In this contest you will see my starting hand, my opponents starting hand and the flop. You must correctly guess the runner-runner cards that were flipped to crush my hand. I think it should be pretty easy.

The prize? I can't offer cash. Well I can, but I'm not going to. I'm kind of a cheap bastard with my poker bankroll. What I will do, however, is send to the winner a custom 15 track CD of their choosing. The following list of mp3's can be used as source material. You need only tell me the 15 you want on the CD and I'll burn it and mail it to you. Free of charge.

MP3 List

For the first contest, you must correctly guess TWO, yes TWO, runner-runner hands. I will of course mention when suits are or are not important.

Hand #1 (Suits NOT important)

BadBlood holds K,K
Opponent holds Q,10
Board: 8,J,3

Hand #2 (Suits NOT important)

BadBlood holds K,K
Opponent holds A,J
Board T,3,4

Good luck. Contest ends October 2nd, midnight.

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