Monday, September 13, 2004

A New Site

After tracking my $10 Party Poker SNG performance over the last few weeks, I was forced to make a decision to simply play only these SNG's exclusively. I've tracked the last 30 tourneys and have placed in what I think is a very decent 21 of them. This includes consecutive streaks of 8 and 7 tourneys finishing in the money.

The secret is simple. Patience and discipline. But who didn't already know that? The question I had to answer was how can I improve my patience and discipline at these tables? In the past, it had been multi-tabling a SNG with a ring game. Playing at two tables had the effect of making it easier for me to wait for higher quality starting hands. But I've decide to take a break from Party Poker NL ring games. Why? I'm not willing, at this point, to ride the high variance of these games. It's borderline crazy. I've won big and I've lost big at these tables and frankly I'm a bit tired of oscillating my bankroll around a very slowly increasing average.

I'd have to find something to replace that component of my discipline-inducing multi-tabling. (Is that too many dashes in a sentence? Probably.) So I signed up at PokerStars. The contrast in styles is quite noticable.

Granted, I haven't logged very many hours at PokerStars yet, so to make any judgements at this point may be a bit premature. For one thing, I've noticed that there aren't any NL short-handed tables, i.e. 6-max, and that their tables sit a max of 9. This alone may be enough to contribute to the disparity in playing styles.

Regardless, I'm going to give PokerStars' ring games a try for a while. After 5 short sessions, I'm actually profitable there. Couple that with my SNG's at Party and I'm having a good time recouping the bankroll from some bad beats and bad play. Yes, I admit to playing piss-poor over the last couple weeks. Who else would brag about hitting quads with the hammer?

So if you're on Stars, look me up. I'll also still be SNG-ing it on Party as MaudieB can attest to. I got a surprise "Woo-hoo" from her after a recent SNG victory there. Always a welcome rail bird she is. Hopefully she got my bounty CD and is playing it non-stop.

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