Tuesday, September 14, 2004

John Madden Tires Me

Two years ago, I could forgive John Madden for recommending that Tom Brady take a knee with just over a minute to go in Superbowl XXXVI. Brady did not take a knee and he and Adam Vinatieri made football history with one of the greatest Superbowl upsets of all time.

Fast forward two years and the Pats beat a surprising Panthers team in somewhat similar fashion.

Then last night's Monday Night Football game rolls around and I get to hear this drivel pouring from Madden's mouth: "Whoever had the ball last was going to win the Superbowl last year. If the Panthers got the ball back, they would have won because the Patriots couldn't stop them."

You know what Madden? You're a fucking moron. Pay some goddamn respect to the world champs. They deserved the win. Don't go trashing a 17-2 team and claim that the whimsical fancies of the football gods gave them a victory when they were the superior team through and through.

Witness the first week of this year's NFL season. Granted the Patriots might end up not making the playoff this year, but they did manage to beat another very good Colts team. Carolina? Well, they lost their HOME OPENER to a talented, but by no means dominating, Green Bay Packers.

I don't believe Carolina will be as good a team as they were last year, I don't think they improved that much on either side of the ball. So go away, Mr. Madden. Perhaps you'd like to clean up some horseshit with Jake Delhomme next time you're in town. Or perhaps not, there's certainly enough crap coming out your mouth already.

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