Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What Not to Do

It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. - David St. Hubbins

The scene is set at a $10 SNG. Only 4 players left, your hero shares the chip lead with another player at roughly T2900. Player 3 has roughly T1500 and player 4 is in tough shape with T700. The blinds? They are 200/400.

The conservative, nay, smart poker player would rightfully think that a placement in the money could be obtained by simply playing without risking your tournament life on draws and bad cards.

Such is not the case as our hero is dealt K,Q diamonds. The other chip leader has earned his place at the top by being extremeley aggressive. So when he raises the pot to T600 for the 4th straight time, my hand warrants a call.

The flop is A,x,x with two diamonds. "Aha!" I exclaim. I think I've caught him this time. My thoughts are validated as pre-flop-raiser checks the flop. Over excuberance sets in and all my chips head towards the middle.

Call? How can he call?

Oh. He has A,A.

A diamond does not show up and our hero is bounced from the tourney in 4th place. The echoes of "hahahahahaha" are left behind in the chatbox by the player with T700 left.

I click the close-window "x" at the top right and ponder my idiocy. Such a fine line I think to myself, a fine line.

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