Monday, October 11, 2004

Back in Black, I Hit the Sack

After a couple of weeks back at the limit tables and having worked off a couple of Party reload bonuses (or is that bonii?) I ventured my way back to the realm of No Limit ring games.

Things went pretty well.

Late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, I played with the bloggers and had perhaps the most fun EVER at Party Poker. You can read about the hijinx here. The bottom line was that I managed to turn my 3rd $25 buy-in into $154 for a decent $79 profit for the session.

Then on Sunday night, after a day filled with finalizing the build of my own poker table, I logged onto Party for some more $25 buy-in action.

Early on I'm dealt 2,2 and see a $2 pre-flop raise. I only called the raise because there were 3 callers prior to my action and I figured I could make a killing if I hit my set. The glorious K,Q,2 flop allowed me to triple up when those with A,Q and K,Q went all in. It was an easy call.

I got knocked down a bit when my K-high flush lost to a straight flush. Ugh. I then got dealt AA in early position. I made it $3 to go pre-flop and had 2 callers. The flop was either a great one or disastrous, I couldn't quite tell yet: 2,7,2. If someone was playing the hammer, I was doomed. I bet $4, got 1 caller, and then was raised to $8. I figured perhaps someone was playing A,2 suited, but called anyway. The turn was a harmless 9 and I checked. Much to my surprise, everyone else checked too. Perhaps the raise was a bluff or he held a 7? Not quite sure. The river was another 2 and now I was pretty confident my A's were good. I went all-in. Both the other players called and I won a $121 pot. The raiser did indeed have a 7 and the other guy had a 9.

Slowly, I got joined by some other bloggers: Pauly, Otis and Studio_Glyphic. They watched me build my stack to a very nicely sized $260. At around 11pm, I announced to the table that the next hand would be my last. I asked everyone who would like to double up because I was thinking of just going all-in pre-flop. I decided not to, but called the .50 BB with K,J hearts. There were about 4 or 5 callers to witness a K-high flop. I bet $3 and got called by a player who defined the words "calling-station" and "moron." This guy managed to river people 3-straight times and build his stack to over $90. He was down to about $34 before this hand started having played his stack about as poorly as possible. So after he called my $3 flop bet, he exclaimed in the chat box "I want to double up."

So I obliged. I went all-in and he called. The turn brought me a J, the river was a rag, and my two-pair took all this guy's cash. Luckily for the rest of the table, he bought in for some more, but I had to take my $294 off the table and go to bed. I was exhausted having stayed up until 3AM the previous evening.

Quite a night. I know Pauly tagged this guy for future reamings. I'd bet that this guy will pay for Pauly's next entry into an Aussie qualifier.

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