Friday, October 15, 2004

Home Game Carnage

I had my regular bi-weekly home game last night and managed to finish pretty well. This was my 7th +$200 night this year playing with these group of people. Prior to this year, in 141 sessions of poker, I've had 3 +$200 nights. This year alone, in 33 sessions, I've had 7.

I attribute my success to being able to read most of my opponents pretty well. I would rate my success at putting the other people on hands at roughly 65-70%. I don't always act on it though, which may be a mistake.

I managed to crack A,A with Q,9 suited when nobody raised pre-flop and the flop came 2 diamonds. I went up against A,A again with T,T and managed to river a diamond flush only to see the other guy show Ad. Still, I'll take 1 out of 2.

I plan on having a no-limit only home game next Saturday. It's mainly an excuse to use the new poker table I built, but it should be fun nonetheless.

Oh how I'd love to be hitting Vegas with the other bloggers, as I've never been there. Even my parents went to Vegas last month. I will be there next Thursday however at Pokerstars. I will spend the next few days thinking of a decent bounty. I don't want to dilute the value of my previous bounty by offering it again. The CD I sent Maudie would be devalued and we can't have that.

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