Sunday, October 17, 2004


Saturday started off so well. I took mini-Blood to his first college football game, Furman vs. The Citadel. Even though it was only Division 1AA, it was still quite a treat. I didn't expect him to last the whole game, so leaving after the first half was quite OK. The game was already decided by that point anyway with Furman up big 27-0.

I got home all geared up for Game 3 of the ALCS. Food, beer, widescreen TV: Check, check, and check.

I think the first pitch of the game to Derek Jeter was the high light of the night. As is common knowledge, the Sox got utterly destroyed by the Yankees. Game 4 tonight will be but a formality.

How best to drown your sorrows? Well duh, off to Party Poker. I figured that late on a Saturday night the games would be loose so I logged onto a $1/$2 no limit game hoping to catch some cards.

I did.

But the river caught the maniacs.

Man, I'm telling ya, the $25 buy-in tables on Party Poker are so much more like real poker sometimes. The $100 buy-ins are a push fest. I made decent decisions, but came out on the losing end each time. Kinda sucked.

So back down in limits for me...again.

For the record, I've registered for WPT V. Look for the real scary player avatar. That will be me.

Also, the BadBlood-T0-Vegas-O-Meter currently reads at 35% chance. I'll be updating that through the next few weeks as I make my bid to get there for the first time ever. Home Equity line of credit sounds good, right?

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