Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Barkeep Gimme a Drink

'cause I'm back in the no-limit saddle again.

Never tempt the poker gods pre-flop. I'm dealt AA under the gun and as Mrs. Blood strolls by I ask her to watch me lose with this hand. Flop is 7,T,J rainbow. I check which could easily be classified as "el stupido" as they like to say in Spanish. The turn is a 9. Well duh, BadBlood, now it's time to bet. Not. I'm called. River is a brick and I bet again and am promptly raised. A crying call allows me to see the K,Q that turned the nut hand. Sukie Jones says "Welcome back."

Let's see how else I can mis-play a hand as this night goes on....

A,A again in MP and Mrs. Blood strolls by again. I tell her to please go away (nicely and all, not like she's a jinx or anything - remind me to tell you about our honeymoon playing craps) I raise pre-flop to $2 and the SB calls. 9,6,4 rainbow and I bet $3. SB calls. Me no like. Turn is a 2 and I tell Mrs. Blood I'm putting that foo' all-in. I bet $8. Fold. Some things begin to make a bit of sense again.

Minutes later I get back the $$$ I lost mis-playing AA.

T,3 spades in the small blind and I complete. BB checks. Flop is A,6,7 - 1 spade. Continuing my "I'm representing an Ace with my .25c" call, I bet $1 and BB pauses. Oh no, I think to myself, he's gonna call. He folds luckily for me and my current aggressive image at this table.

I'm wondering if any bloggers will show up on Thanksgiving eve....

perhaps to be continued...


Indeed, MaudieB makes herself comfortable and sits down to my left. Not exactly where I want her. She hangs out to see me shrink my stack from $72 to $33 - part of which is her fault!!! Ok, Ok, it's really my fault. Read on.

I'm dealt A,J in the SB and Maudie's in the BB and I limp figuring a nice slow play is in order. Apparently, I don't learn from my mistakes. That's a sign of something, but I'm not sure what. I think someone told me once, but I can't remember. Anyway, the flop is A high with two clubs and I check. Boy am I a sneaky no-limit player. Maudie bets $1 or $2, I can't remember and I call. The turn is a blank and I check, she checks too. Boy is she gonna be pissed when I bet the river. I ignore the river bringing the 3rd club to the board and bet out $3. She raises to $10. Doesn't she know I have an Ace, with a J kicker no less???? Well, even if she knew, she didn't care as her Q,T clubs takes the pot. Plays like that will get me to the bar with AlCantHang at the WPBT quicker than he can pour himself a shot of SoCo.


As my stack suffers from a George Costanza-like bout of shrinkage, MaudieB pulls off a full house with the hammer. She didn't pre-flop raise with it though. Bad blogger!

Meanwhile, my A,K runs into QUAD 2's and another A,K runs into another A,K such that we split the all-in pot and I actually lose .18 cents. Not going good. Not at all. I don't even know when my brother-in-law is due here....


Found out the brother-in-law is due in at 12:30 am. Joy.

Better news brings Otis to the table for a while where he schools some fish who folded, yes folded, to Otis' check on the river. Man was he pissed, blaming Party Poker for his snafu. Poor fool probably clicked the wrong button. Otis wins a later hand with the hammer the proper way, by pre-flop raising. Nicely done.

******FINAL UPDATE*********

Otis, on what he claims was his last hand of the night, calls my pre-flop raise holding A,6 suited to my A,K suited. Flop is 6,7,8 and I push, he calls, I'm raped, and he leaves. How's that for a nice howdoyado? I jest, I only lost about $6 on the hand, but still, it's the principle. Where are those limit tables again?????

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