Friday, November 26, 2004

Tourney Practice Update

So, in practicing for the WPBT, I've played in a few 2-table tourneys with the thoughts of eventually working it up to 3-tablers. My placements have been 9,4, and 2 which is tough to complain about.

But I can.

It was the tourney I finished 2nd in. Final hand and I'm dealt A,A looking to double up. I limp in the SB for 150 more and the other guy makes it 4700 to go. I go over the top all in and he calls. He has A,Q off.

Here's the flop:

Ah, Ts, 8h

I'm thinking I'm golden and he's drawing dead. He isn't.

Turn is Jd.

River is 9s.

Runner-runnered out of a tournament with A,A. Party is taunting me, asking me who my daddy is...

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