Sunday, November 28, 2004

Bubble Boy Strikes Again

The SNG's on Party, as everyone knows, can easily develop into a crap shoot if the players at your table are relatively decent if not a bit tight. If there are some maniacs, you can usually catch them with some monster hands and double up quickly. If there are mainly solid players, then I tend to find myself right at about average stack when there's 5 or 6 left in the tourney. By then, though, the blinds have increased such that it may come time to push and fold, even for an average stack.

So my last 2 4th place finishes kind of blow chunks and I'm a bit peeved. Would have been nice to place in at least one. My ROI at the $20 SNG's so far is only 43.5% compared to 111.5% at the $10's. Sample size is smaller, so I can't quite make any rash judgements yet. Time will tell.

Shout out to Party Player darknoj who is becomes the 3rd reader to find me on Party Poker. As Gilderoy Lockhart says, "Celebrity is as celebrity does."

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