Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mrs. Blood > BadBlood

The last 3 nights I've let Mrs. Blood play a $5 SNG at Party since she's shown a real interest in learning to play better. She's also made the effort to occasionally play with me head to head after we put the kids to bed. I'll use any excuse to bring out the table.

I told her she could play however she wanted, but I'd be there to answer any questions or help out in any way I could. She got to see first hand how maniacal the players are at a $5 SNG. There were times when she'd say, "You'd fold this hand, but I'll call." As we all know, sometimes you can get lucky. In her first tourney, she held Q,9 off in the small blind and called. I actually would have too as there were about 5 players already in and seeing the flop would have been real cheap. She flops the nut straight and slow plays it a bit and probably won more in that pot than I would have.

She also learned when the proper time is to go all-in or fold based on stack size and the blinds. She played short-stacked rather effectively in two of the tournaments, in each case finding herself back in the chip lead at one point.

Her results after 3 tournaments: 3rd, 3rd, and 2nd for an impressive 94.4% ROI.

Mrs. Blood can actually claim she's a winning online poker player. I can't say that - I have a bit more to go.

She's having fun playing and spending more time with me in front of the virtual tables - that is a good thing. Hopefully she's learning as well, I think she is anyway.

Oh yeah. After I mentioned to her that I was going to be staying in a hotel room in Vegas with 6 other guys, her first reaction was this:

"Oh God, it's gonna reek. The smell!" Probably a correct assumption, but luckily now with G-Rob heading to Vegas, another room has been procured. Hopefully things will be less odorous.

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